• 1964 : an experimental workshop and production unit was created by two siblings, one of whom a local baker. They applied for a first patent on automatic trays the same year. 
  • 1968 : the first automatic trays were manufactured and placed on the market. 
  • 1972 : the company was established. 
  • 1973 : the patents for evaporators were approved, the first refrigerated cabinets manufactured and put up for sale. 
  • 1990 : we conceived and developed a whole range of new products which would help bakers and pastry makers improve cold storage conditions : blast-freezers, deep-freezers, positive and negative cold, etc. We also launched new products in the handling field and new equipment which would facilitate dough kneading.



You can count on Panimatic for quality equipment, reliability and years of dependability.
In these days of constant change and over-consumption, it seems important to cling to the traditional values of resistance, reliability and permanence. We commit to quality and ensure the continued supply of our products. To us, better perfomance means better consumption, a better approach of our customers'specific needs, a decrease in the power consumption and complete safety of our equipment.

Our products are 100% made in France

Domestic design and manufacture by an efficient team allow us to accommodate short lead times.
We can tailor our equipment to specific requirements, guarantee reliability in every stage
of the production. We also offer after-sale service and ensure the continued supply of spare parts..

A family-owned company.

The mother company employs some fifty people pooled in an experimental workshop, a production and assembly
unit, a sales and technical service department, an engineering fitting support service. Parts of the production
are handed down to smaller independent family-owned firms also based in France Seine-et-Marne (77).

Panimatic does not have appointed exclusive distributors. The company works with a network of independent domestic or international retailers. 

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