Our products are designed and manufactured locally (Seine-et-Marne area), thus allowing continued supply and control.
The cells'panels are welded together with support pieces in order to reinforce the structure and ensure long life service.

They are made of two lacquered aluminium sheets jointed with a polyurethane foam coat. The polyurethane foam we use does not contain any chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs). It builds up thanks to a water-based expansion agent. The injection is done with a 45kg/m3 density.
Our refrigeration systems use environment-friendly R404A refrigerant.
The batteries we use for positive cold cells are antacid treated.

All our working surfaces, Parisian rising cabinets and trolleys are made of 30x30 and 30x40 welded 304L stainless steel tubes. We use 1.2mm and 1.5mm wide impact resistant stainless steel sheets, which necessitate no after-sale service.


We insulate the negative cold equipment with 120mm wide panels. Thermal breaks prevent temperature transfer between the inside and the outside of all our refrigerated pieces of furniture.
For improved air-tightness, we use removable natural rubber gaskets in positive cold cells and foam gaskets in negative cold cells.
Every cell can be built with an insulated floor.
To reduce thermal loss and prevent ice forming in positive and negative cold cells, we study spatial arrangements in the bakery and offer advice as to where the doors should be placed.


All our equipment may be entirely disassembled. The control panels are conceived to be easily operated and facilitate the electronic or electromechanical programming of the cells.
Magnetic contact sensors detect the openings of the doors and automatically stops the cell's ventilation. All our negative cold cells are equipped with audible alarms.

The refrigeration units are all fitted with air-cooling systems, which allows the compressors to function perfectly in the thermal conditions of a bakery.
We use whisper quiet generators and sound proof enclosures.


Thanks to powerful heating and cooling units in the retarder proofers, it is
possible to stop and block the fermentation process to as low as -8°C and to postpone it by up to 60 hours without any
risks of crusting or blistering. The cells can be fitted with an extra automatic humidifcation system and be used as incubators. Panimatic has patent protection on many of their manufacturing processes.


We have equipped the cells with rounded edges in the inside and avoided door sealing strips to enable thorough cleaning.
In addition, the cells' floors are entirely smooth.
To maintain the standards of hygiene, the equipment with white paint or ivory paint finish are wrapped in cling film.

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