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Do you wish to change or optimise your bakery workspace ? Discover several bakery accessories by Panimatic. For nearly 50 years, Panimatic has conceived and distributed equipment and accessories for bakers and pastry-makers.

Panimatic supplies different robust and reliable bakery accessories to replace your existing materials. For example, discover the mural rack designed for 400x600 trays. Composed of 10 levels, the model can be folded away to gain space when not in use.

Discover bakery accessories for hanging your baking utensils or you can also opt for a utensils rack… Or a set of 10 hooks which will allow you to hang light materials such as spatulas, whisks or flour brushes.

We also propose several solutions for drying trays used for resting dough. A couches dryer in stainless steel can be wall mounted and has 20 supports. For greater comfort, opt for a couche dryer with adjustable drying times from 30 to 120 minutes.  

To make the baker’s work easier, Panimatic has developed an automatic couche system. The Opticouche technology allows you to simplify your operations and reduce work during loading. The transfer of the couche from your proofing system to you deck oven no longer requires handling of dough pieces. With Opticouche, you no longer need a loader, thereby gaining you workspace in addition to optimisation of loading tasks.


Serves as a weighing support with 1 drawer and 1 tray on rollers


10 levels for pastry trays 400x600


For wall mounting
By the metre


Reference: RBU60 - RBU80 - RBU100
Capacity from 20 to 100 baguettes

Private Space 


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