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Your bakery equipment with Panimatic

Panimatic is a leading French designer, manufacturer and distributor of professional bakery equipment. For small or large-scale bakeries, Panimatic has developed high-performance systems for a whole range of baked breads and pastries, including durable accessories and utensils.

Whether you need to upgrade your existing material or starting a new bakery, Panimatic can equip you with professional bakery equipment for every phase of the baking process and can offer you a tailor-made solution for your workspace. The French specialist with nearly 50 years’ experience in the sector has paid attention to every detail of the baking process and manufactures bakery equipment which is highly functional, easy to integrate and provides excellent quality performance.

For retarder proofer, discover the Panimatic cabinets and walk-in. We have a large choice depending of the dimensions of your existing baking trays or sheets, or of the dimensions of your trolleys. All our walk-in are manufacturing on demand to suit your needs and the disposition of your work space.

You can opt for bench frigde or refrigerated cabinet for your pastries, chocolate products, dough or also refrigerated walk-in to store your products. Upgrade your bread oven to a refractory deck oven with 3 to 6 levels. Invest in our water chillers, intermediate provers, moulders to improve your dough work. No matter the configuration of your workspace, production scale or existing equipment, Panimatic bakery equipment is designed to match your needs.

We invite you to view our products and discover more our technologies and solutions. If you would like any further information or advice, please contact us.


Container of 50 litres
From + 20°C to + 1°C


M - M2C - M/5P
For traditional work
600x800 or depth 670/600


P461GP/2PS - P462GP/4PS
400 x 600
Stainless steel furniture
- 0/+8°C
From 19 to 47 levels


C87 ventilated -20°C
600x800 or 2 deep pastry trays 400x600
From 19 to 110 levels
From 2 to 10 doors

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