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Positive cold storage with Panimatic refrigerated workbenches

Are you a professional baker or pastry chef looking for high-quality equipment for product storage? Call on Panimatic, the expert manufacturer of professional bakery and pastry equipment. We design and sell positive cold refrigerators for optimal conservation of your products.

The refrigerated workbench for bakeries proposed by Panimatic is ideal for preserving your products between temperatures +2°C and +10°C (+35,6°F to +50°F) and is designed with a stainless steel or granite worktop. Available in standard or reduced depth, in line with your available work space, the cold storage workbench will hold between 20 to 60 baking trays or 400x600 baking grids, depending on the number of doors of your chosen model.

We also propose non-dismountable refrigerated workbenches on casters or also dismountable, modular versions more convenient for reduced access to workspace. Highly functional, our stainless steel dismountable refrigerated bakery workbench comes with a choice of 2 to 6 doors for the 400 series or 2 to 4 doors for the 600 series. Its Mono 240V refrigeration unit can be placed on either the left or right side.

In addition to our range of bakers’ refrigerated cabinets, we also offer refrigerated workbenches for chocolate making (for 400x600 baking trays) and freezer workbenches to store and conserve your products at an optimum temperature.

Panimatic team helps several thousands of bakers and pastry makers all over the world. Our high-quality equipment combines robustness, performance and functionality to assist our customers at the very heart of their daily activities in addition of their ‘know-how’ development.


In non-dismountable modules
For pastry trays 400x600
From 2 to 5 doors


In dismountable modules
For pastry trays 400x600
From 2 to 8 doors


In dismountable modules
For pastry trays 400x600
From 2 to 8 doors


From 2 to 4 doors

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