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Do you wish to buy a new walk-in fridge? Call on Panimatic, specialized manufacturer of equipment for the bakery and pastry industries. We propose a wide range of cold storage walk-ins and cabinets for the best quality conservation of your products.

A walk-in fridge or freezer is a refrigerated insulated space composed of 1 or several cells. The walk-in fridge or cooler holds your products at a positive temperature from +2°C to +15°C (+35,6°F to +59°F). The walk-in freezer stores your products at a negative temperature from -18°C to -20°C (-0,4°F to -4°F). On trolleys, racks or shelves and for volumes varying from 5m3 to 53m3, our made-to-measure solutions are adapted to your workspace and production.

Walk-in fridges or freezers are insulated refrigerated cabinets designed with one or several units with positive (+2°C to +15°C / +35,6°F to +59°F) or negative (-18°C to -20°C / -0,4°F to -4°F) cold conservation of products. For cooling or deep-freezing, our walk-ins are built for products on roll-in trolleys, racks or shelves.

Panimatic blast-freezing storage systems offer temperature controls to -20°C (-4°F). Their injected polyurethane sealing offers quality insulation. Exterior finish is available in stainless steel or white.

To match the dimensions of your existing equipment, you can choose the adapted blast freezer cabinet. Discover the P58 reach-in storage freezer for 400x600 trays or the P87 reach-in storage freezer for 600x800 trays.

We also provide positive cold conservation solutions, such as the P58 refrigerated series with temperature range between +2°C and +15°C (+35,6°F and +59°F). The P58 refrigerator is modular, providing a choice of installation possibilities, from 2 to 10 doors (up to 86 trays levels).

Panimatic also offers walk-in fridges for racks of dough trays (positive temperature). It is particularly adapted for divider/moulder work of French traditional baguettes.

Blast freezers CS1 and CS2 welcome from 1 to 2 racks of 400x600 trays to deep-freeze your products at -40°C (-40°F).


Panimatic designs, manufactures and distributes high quality equipment for professional bakers and pastry chefs. Our solutions provide reliability and high performance for our customers, as well as, energy efficiency. Indeed, our cold cabinets are fully insulated thanks to our use of thick polyurethane panels technology.


60 mm thick panels
Volume from 5 to 50 m3


120 mm thick panels
Volume from 5 to 50 m3


P461GP/2PS - P462GP/4PS
400 x 600
Stainless steel furniture
- 0/+8°C
From 19 to 47 levels


P58 -40°C / -20°C
7 pastry trays 400x600 in deep-freezing
From 1 to 9 doors in storage

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